Organic Royal Jelly Elovari

After 40 years of specializing in royal jelly, we pioneered once again and managed in 2006 to be the first to offer you high quality and nutritional value organic royal jelly.
GELEE ROYALE Bio organically grown royal jelly

It is based on organic production, that is, cultivation that accepts the production of food with methods that respect the environment, excluding any use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers.
The result of long-term research and the search for beekeepers and producers who meet all the conditions, as well as certified checks by competent agencies abroad, led to the creation of a product of high nutritional value and unique quality. Available in 10g and 20g packaging.

According to research, its positive action…
It has a positive effect on sexual and mental disorders, insomnia, regulation of metabolism, etc.
Fights weakness and increases stamina.
It is an ideal tonic drink for cases of physical and mental fatigue.
It stimulates the memory.
It has a positive effect on the symptoms created by menopause.
It significantly strengthens the body’s defenses.
It gives in the purest way a solution to the problems created by the exhausting rhythms of the modern man.
It works naturally and effectively in different and psychological situations.
It improves overall health and fitness.

Ingredients of Elovari Organic Royal Jelly::

Humidity 66,3%
Proteins 15,5%
HDA 1.9%
Ash 1,1%
Ph 4, 3%
Fat n.d
Glucose 4,6%
Fructose 5%
Sucrose 1,8%


In total, it contains 16 vitamins, 16 mineral salts with minerals: (copper, calcium, iron, silicon, manganese, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, aluminum, magnesium, etc.), 18 enzymes, 18 proteins and amino acids that the body requires from external sources and which without them cannot synthesize new tissues. It also contains vitamins A, B (B1, B2, B6, B12, B13, B15), and rutin, which strengthens the walls of the body’s arteries.


FOR CHILDREN: Half to one gram (1/2-1 teaspoon)
FOR ADULTS: One to two grams (1-2 teaspoons)
FOR ATHLETES: One to three grams (1-3 teaspoons)


Elovari organic royal jelly is a pure, 100% natural product, completely harmless.

It does not cause side effects or addiction and there are no contraindications. People who have allergies to honey, pollen and propolis should not take Royal Jelly.

It is imported packaged from France-Lustrel Labaratoires S.A.S and certified by QUALITE FRANCE


The composition of ROYAL POULTUS is altered by high temperature, light and atmospheric air. That’s why it should be in a dark colored pharmaceutical glass vial and stored in the refrigerator (NOT THE FREEZER).

The ideal storage temperature is 0°C-4°C.


The reception of the ROYAL JELLY is done:

  1. A) After uncorking our bottle, use the measuring spoon and take the desired amount directly.

We keep the ROYAL POLTO ELOVARI under our tongue, for better absorption by the body.


  1. B) Mix 10 or 20 grams of ROYAL JELLY ELOVARI with half a kilo of honey of our choice (depending on how strong we want to make the mixture) and take 1-2 teaspoons daily (preferably with breakfast) after mixing well mixture.

For better preservation, we must have the mixture in the refrigerator, in preservation.


40 Years of Quality

The company ELOVARI ANGELIKA A.E. started its activities in 1984.

For 40 years now, it has specialized in the distribution and promotion of conventional and organic royal jelly, parapharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements as well as herbal and organic cosmetics.

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